Tripp Hanson

Tripp is the founder and head honcho at the Mind Mastery Institute, where he helps service-based business owners and creative entrepreneurs identify and eliminate (e-lim-i-nate!) the hyper-functioning, automatic overdrive of their ‘struggle’ mindset…and install…(yep, INSTALL)…a brand new, custom-tailored ‘program’ directly into their brains- aka: a new neural network- that flips their brain’s Success Button from OFF to ON. For good.


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The first thing I want to assure you of is this- nothing’s wrong with you. You’ve just been living inside of a system that’s operating the way it does, but you never got the handbook! You have a fingerprint, you have an eye color, uniquely yours.

25 years on Broadway

About Tripp Hanson

After spending 25 years as a Broadway and concert song and dance man, followed by another 15 years running a successful acupuncture practice in NYC, Tripp began to suspect that- while he loved treating his clients, that certain injuries and dysfunctions recurred…and certain similar personality archetypes- based in the Taoist underpinnings of Chinese medicine- tended to suffer similar injuries. It dawned on him that perhaps he really wanted to empower them to transform the internal patterns that were leading to these injuries in the first place. AHA!

A deep dive into brain science, and neuroplasticity, allowed him to finally put the puzzle pieces together. He created the Mind Mastery Institute in order to guide his clients on the inner journey to identify any old internal limitations- unconscious, self-sabotaging thoughts and beliefs- and their associated entrenched emotional patterns, and lead them through a clear and straightforward process of clarifying their deepest desire- the vision for their lives, fully realized- and a clear system for implementing the specific, brain-based process that allows them to design their results, on purpose.

Kinda like magic. But…really, science. Try it on!

A note from Tripp: “Want to know more? I’d love to find out what’s not working in your business- or life- right now…and let’s get it turned around. Click on the button below to schedule a free deep dive on my calendar. I look forward to serving you!”


You have a DREAM INSIDE YOU. And in order to become a reality, this dream needs access to the greater, more generously resourced and abundant and authentic parts of you. What it DOESN’T need is your history as a road map. Your history needs to remain your history…with its lessons & its insights, and experience. But it is NOT the way to your better self.

Your history will keep you circling, recreating the experiences and the results you’ve already had. Even if the names and faces and places change…you’ll continue to experience the same results. Only a powerful vision- driven by your why, your purpose and by your commitment to bring it to fruition- will take you to your New Amazing Life.

“If my brain is so amazing- why am I falling short of achieving my goals over and over?! And if I really have so much potential- why am I NOT able to access all of it?

Why am I stuck, and spinning my wheels…finding myself in the same patterns over and over?”

It’s not your fault. You’re just operating on your old operating system. Can you imagine trying to access the internet on your old push button telephone? The software wasn’t available on that instrument.
Your brain is really no different. When you try to realize your current dreams, your amazing, expansive vision…and then you try to get to it with your historic brain…nothing changes. You never arrive.
You want your dreams, your visions, to become realities, you have to do the inner work to wire a new brain that is up to the task of manifesting all of that.

I know you want to become a more powerful version of yourself…you can feel that there more possibilities available to you in your life…and you know you have yet to realize your full potential

So what’s stopping you? Is it bad luck? Fate?

No, actually. Most of the time it’s our inner world that’s keeping us in the spin cycle.

You’ve probably listened to podcasts, read lots of blog posts, probably even bought some books. All in the hope of finding the secret strategies and magic tactics to get you there, right?

So what’s are these secrets? What are other people getting the results that you want? How do they achieve fuller, bigger, better lives?

The tricky truth is, there are no secrets.

Instead, there are patterns… cycles to success…and failure (which isn’t exactly failure) is a part of this cycle.

The part of the cycle that people often don’t want to face is the part that feels hard.

The struggle. The suck.

But you can’t skip it, minimize it, or hack it.

You’ve got to go through it. You don’t want to run from it.

There are no shortcuts to accomplish this work.

There are no supplements to get where you want to go.

You’ve got to sit still long enough to figure out what it is that you are trying to avoid and face that beast.

Most of us keep moving, our thoughts keep chattering, our feelings keep beating, because we are trying to avoid whatever it is that we fear the most.

That’s how we’re programmed.

But years of research and experience have proven the same thing time and again.

If you want to succeed over your fears, you’ve got to face them.

And the only way to do that is to slow down long enough to realize what they are so you can look those monsters in the eye.

You want to access those feelings so that you can use them for fuel, to point you in the direction that you want to go.

Make friends with your losses, your perceived failures, your unrealized visions and dreams and learn to turn the tide by uncovering the inner limitations, the unconscious blocks that have been keeping you stuck, spinning. Nothing’s wasted if you learn from it. And when you recognize the patterns that have been at the root of causing your current results, then you have the ability to shift the inner gears, and course correct towards your desired destination.

If you’re ready to stop letting fear be the reason you don’t try…and let it guide you to the and a fountain of wisdom so that you can reach the impossible….